Great Reasons to Be Specific in Your NHS Jobs Search

My most frequently asked question: Why do you recommend being specific about the NHS Jobs I want? Many people tell me I should be more general. Here are great reasons to get specific about the job you want – your “right fit” job. Specificity allows you to identify jobs for which you are suited and […]

Mental Health Nursing Jobs

Imagine being paid to do something you really enjoy. Well, it is possible – you just need to know what your strengths are and make sure you use them in your working day. Here’s how to be satisfied when working in mental health nursing jobs. If you had a day to yourself with no distractions, […]

Investment Research and Business Development Manager

Investment Research and Business Development Manager Job Summary Our client offers excellent opportunity to an Investment Research and BD Manager who will build and maintain strong client relationships and manage and execute primary research deliverables You will ideally have worked within a market research role be familiar with and have hands on experience of all market research vehicles You will have direct accountability for managing commercial activities with existing clients as well as expansion of that client base so…

Locum Pharmacist Jobs As Fills For Permanent Staff Roles

Locum pharmacist jobs are temporary vacancies caused by the permanent pharmacy jobholder going on leave, and on other such contingencies. As people are always going on leave or resigning or falling sick and so on, there is a steady flow of locum pharmacist jobs. Pharmacies cannot legally function without the oversight of a qualified pharmacist […]

Advantages Of Locum Link Pharmacy

Locum link pharmacy can get help with pharmacy practices such as pharmacy operating procedures, ordering procedures, computer operations and so on. This kind of support can be invaluable for those who have kept away from work for long periods. As and when each locum link pharmacy job is taken up, the agencies can smoothen the […]

A Summary Of Locumlink Pharmacy Agencies

Locumlink pharmacy means working in a temporary position as a substitute for another person for a fixed period of time. The term locum originally related to physicians only but is now used as a generic term for temporary employees. Locum doctors are used as temporary staff by a hospital or a clinic for a specified period of time through various […]

Careers In Community Pharmacy

Want to do more with your career? Kroger has emerged as one of the nation’s leaders for careers in community pharmacy. Our advanced work environment combines your talents with the latest technology to deliver innovative patient care. Want stability in your career? During uncertain economic times, it’s nice to have a work environment and benefits […]

Do You Want One Of Those Infusion Pharmacy Jobs?

There are more infusion pharmacy jobs going round than pharmacists, an excellent scenario for job seekers. So how do you tap into this job market? Different Kinds of Pharmacist Jobs Pharmacists are needed wherever medicines are prepared or dispensed. Even storage of medicines should be under their supervision. The pharmacist is trained to dispense the […]